Intervju med Todd Winder

3 juli 2022 14:00

Joakim Hägerstrand fick ett par ord med nyförvärvet Todd Winder som värvats från Vimmerby HC.

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Hey Todd! Welcome to Karlskrona! How are you doing?
-Hi Joakim, thank your for the warm welcome. I am doing well right now, just really excited to get the season going!

Tell us about your thoughts on why you chose Karlskrona HK.
-I chose KHK for a number of reasons. First, I really liked the vision that both Micke and Eric had for the team and for myself. Secondly, I felt coming to play for an organization like KHK with great fans, skilled players, amazing staff, and awesome facilities would allow me to achieve my goal of getting to the next level. Thirdly, I talked to Bergström and was excited to hear about his passion for the organization and the amazing things he had to say about the city. It really was an easy choice when I thought about the special opportunity we have this season.

How much do you know about Karlskrona?
_-I’ve heard wonderful things about the city but I confess I do not know much personally. However, I’m looking forward to knowing more and adventuring around the town

How would you describe yourself as a person?
-I would say I’m a relaxed person who tries to be kind and friendly to everyone. I enjoy having fun and adventuring to see new places.

How would you describe yourself as a hockey player?
-I would describe myself as a skilled player who likes to score goals. I try to play fast and create offensive opportunities for my team. Most importantly, I try to be a good teammate and one that sets a strong standard of hard work and commitment for the team.

What do you do when you are not playing hockey?
-When I’m not playing hockey I’m typically in the gym, making good food or doing work online. I have a business and finance degree so I’m trying to create and find different business opportunities that I could pursue after my hockey career. I also enjoy reading a good book and adventuring around to different places.

You have been in Sweden for 2 seasons. Do you know any Swedish?
-"Jag pratar lite svenska…"
I know some Swedish but I am not fluent quite yet. It is a tough language to learn but I’m starting to understand more everyday. There is a course on my phone that I use to learn new words and phrases. Hopefully by Christmas we can do another interview fully in Swedish.

Let's do 5 quick questions to learn more about you:
Favorite food?
-Schnitzel with béarnaisesås
Favorite Music?
-Hip Hop or Country
Summer or Winter?
Score a goal or a assist?
Best hockey moment in your career so far?
-Winning the Queens Cup (League Championship) with my University team. We won in Triple Overtime so it was a very special moment.

Thank you so much for this interview Todd! We look forward to see you here in Karlskrona!
-Tack Joakim. Looking forward to coming over soon.